Learning Futures

Yutaka Tamura - Purpose-Driven Learning

Episode Summary

Dr. Ronald Beghetto and Yutaka Tamura have a conversation about “purpose” and how helping students and teachers find it can lead to a more meaningful and joyful educational experience and life.

Episode Notes

Dr. Ronald Beghetto talks with Yutaka Tamura about his non-profit organization nXu and the work they do towards helping students and educators engage in purpose based learning experiences. Tamura reflects on his personal struggles towards finding his true purpose and how that led him in the direction of creating a research based methodology that helps students along their own journey, training and coaching educators on purpose development. Tamura imagines a future where students and teachers work together to foster a sense of belonging and purpose, which is something that expands beyond the classroom. He also invites educators and parents to take time and engage with children in conversations about their feelings and dreams, and help them make the direct connections between those and their current learning experiences, so students feel more connected and invested in their educational experiences.

You can learn more about Yutaka Tamura and his work by accessing his LinkedIn page, the nXu website , and Transcend education