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Wonder Beyond Words: Humanizing Learning with Abhi Nangia

Episode Summary

Dr. Ronald Beghetto talks with Abhi Nangia about how his own sense of wonder about others in the world at a young age eventually led to him creating Better World Ed, a nonprofit that promotes students’ understanding about the world through wordless videos that showcase stories about people’s lives. This unique approach piques interest, fosters humanity, and creates a space for breaking barriers and dismantling judgment.

Episode Notes

Ronald Beghetto and Abhi Nangia have a conversation about how Nangia’s nonprofit Better World Ed is changing people’s perspectives on what it is like when we see or meet someone, who has a very different life than us, for the first time. Better World creates wordless videos that showcase a person’s life story, which guide students into questioning and being curious about the world and the people around them. Nangia hopes that these stories will change the hearts and minds of people from a very young age by experiencing different cultures and dismantling biased judgement. Nangia imagines a future where kids become teachers for adults, helping us grow a community with high levels of compassion and understanding for others. 

You can learn more about Abhi Nangia’s work by following these links: 

https://betterworlded.org/. You can email Abhi at: abhi@betterworlded.org


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