Learning Futures

Dr. Adam Carberry - Creating an Engineering Identity

Episode Summary

Drs. Ronald Beghetto and Adam Carberry discuss how engineering is so much more than the technical math and science that students tend to associate with the field. Instead of thinking all students should be engineers, or that all students need to enjoy and be good at math and science, Beghetto and Carberry discuss the importance of all students having an understanding of what engineering is, recognizing difference, and embracing creativity within the field.

Episode Notes

Ronald Beghetto talks with Adam Carberry about engineering education and the need to develop talent rather than search for talent among students. The goal should be for students to learn from and improve upon prior work, moving away from standards of sameness in both assignments and assessments. Carberry invites teachers to think about how they can guide students towards generating excitement towards this discipline by having them work on something they are passionate about. He has been working in project based learning with teachers from other disciplines to have students create and engage in engineering projects. Carberry imagines a future where creativity is harnessed in this area, grading systems look different in all schools, and where inclusivity is encouraged to leverage and bring different perspectives to future projects. 

You can learn more about Dr. Adam Carberry and his work by accessing his directory page at Arizona State University, and the Engineering for us all web page.